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Alas, the cyber gremlins were active Thursday night.  Not only did my monitor fade to near death, but for some reason, only the very last few minutes of the interview were recorded on the transcript. (And you canít blame it on my monitor Ė thatís when it was almost dead!)  So this excellent interview is one where you should have been there.  Iím sorry for those of you who had to miss it. I did talk with Diane once before about E Publishing, and you can read that transcript here:  .


Diane Kirkle is the 1992 President of the Nebraska Writers Guild, a member of EPIC (electronically published internet connection), Romance Writers of America, Published Authors Network (RWA), Western Writers of America, Awards Chair of Wyoming Writers, Inc., and Fiction Writers of the Heartland.

With over ten published novels, Diane Kirkle, writing as Diana Kirk, was awarded the  2000 EPPIE for Best Thriller Novel (A Caduceus is for Killing), presented at the EPIC yearly conference. Murder in Musicland was a finalist in the EPPIE Best Mystery Novel category. Her Egyptian time travel, Song of Isis, has earned numerous awards, most recently being voted the Best Time Travel novel from Affaire de Coeur magazine. Sex, Lies and Rodeo Games is coming in November from Hard Shell Word Factory

Writing as Diana Hart, Unfriendly Persuasion was nominated by her publisher at the International Frankfurt Awards for Best Fiction, presented in Germany. She was also a featured author in Writerís Digest Publishing Success Magazine.

Her novels are available in paper, electronic, and audio formats and her articles have appeared in national as well as regional publications. She taught mystery writing for Painted Rock Writers, Colony, KOD chapter Coffin College, and Word Museum. Currently, Kirkle lives in a lush valley below Wyomingís Carter Mountain Range and divides her time between teaching the prestigious Long Ridge Writers Group Breaking into Print Course, editing for her publisher, Hard Shell Word Factory and writing.



Diana Kirk - Author

Order from
Song of Isis~isbn# 0-7599-0341-7, winner 2002 Affaire de Coeur Internet Readerís Poll for best time travel
Sex, Lies and Rodeo Games isbn# 1-59088-974-6
A Caduceus is for Killing~2000 EPPIE Best Thriller Novel isbn# 0-7599-0027-2


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